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None ya 7 years ago
Damn why you guys being so racist for. I'm a white boy and I ain't better than anybody. Are you guys pissed cuz your girl cheated on you with a black guy? Cuz I mean that's not their fault that she rather fuck them cuz your a limp dick mother fucker
Fredo 7 years ago
Full vid??
fucking stupid 3 years ago
i'll summarize this comment section for ya so you dont have to scroll any more;
2.5% comments going "hur black man take white women"
2.5% comments typing random shit like links and shit
95% comments going "fucking white racist piece of shits, disgusting that the world is this way in 201/7/8/9/20. hur dur black man big penis porn industry tell truth"
Idiots, all of you 7 years ago
The only race that needs to b exterminated is the human one
Rick 7 years ago
Anyone got the link for the whole video?
All white guys 7 years ago
Are mad because us niggas are taking there bitches
whitey 7 years ago
His dick is bigger but even I can last longer than 14 seconds. One time at band camp I lasted almost a full minute ant that was with a trumpet stuffed in my ass.
Help 7 years ago
Can someone please post the link for the full?
Pussymonstaa 7 years ago
What's that name of them both ?
EL CHAPO 7 years ago
And this is why white women like BBC cause of white racist bastard with small dicks like you KYS